SafeLabs Wi-Fi Router. Child Safety Online

Second Wi-Fi for every place with children

SafeLabs has launched the Wi-Fi Router for your Children’s Safety. A solution to combat challenges of parenting in the digital age.

Introducing SafeLabs Wi-Fi Router

SafeLabs is doing pioneering research in the areas of child safety online. Its Wi-Fi router provides a Wi-Fi signal to be used by children. This router:

  • Filters adult websites
  • Provides location privacy
  • Blocks Obscene Ads
  • Restricts phishing and malware websites
  • Enforces safe search results in major search engines
  • Blocks anonymous chatrooms
  • Many other features as per ongoing research and development
Routers can be pre-ordered now on Indiegogo campaign at
 We are taking pre-order for delivery in May / June, 2020
Routers will be available from most Amazon stores beginning June 2020.
Customers will be able to purchase the hardware router from Amazon and will require to purchase subscription of service from

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Key Advantages: Blocks Adult Websites

Cinque Terre Hides actual location (First level protection against online predators)
Cinque Terre Blocks access to anonymous chatroom and other online places
Cinque Terre Forces Safe-Search results in major search engines
Cinque Terre Encrypts all communications (Protection against eavesdroppers / cyber loggers)
Cinque Terre Protects from malware / phishing websites
Cinque Terre Blocks obscene Ads popping up on children friendly websites

Easy To Set Up

1. Unbox the SafeLabs Wi-Fi Router

2. Connect SafeLabs Ethernet Cable to your existing router

3. Connect devices to the ‘SafeLabs’ Wi-Fi signal

4. Experience secure browsing for you and your children

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