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Concurrent Sessions
Q. How do I connect more than one session.

A. If you are on any paid package, you can use the same username and password on multiple devices.


Q. How can I change my VPN Password
A. You can login to your client area and do it. Each subscription has a different username and password.

Q. How can I monitor how much data has been consumed in my monthly subscription

A. You can login to your client area and click on a subscription and you will be able to see the most recent usage and other info.


Q. How much bandwidth can I expect to get on a shared connection?

A. On free and shared VPN packages, we try and give at least 5 to 10 mbps per connection but the actual bandwidth you get depends on many factors some of which are out of our control.

Q. How much bandwidth we get on shared VPN connection in general terms?

A. Each connection gets enough bandwidth to watch one or two videos in HD.

Q. How much bandwidth can I expect to get on a dedicated machine?

ADedicated machine has 100mbps and is not shared by any other customers except your own concurrent logins. Dedicated machines are usually good for site-to-site VPN connections established through your wi-fi router.

Monthly Volume
Q. How will I know if I am nearing or have exceeded my monthly volume:

A. You will get notifications on your email and you can also view your latest usage using your client portal.

Q. What are my choices if I’ve run out of monthly data?

A. You can renew the same package if you expect this to be a one of exceeding your data. You can upgrade to a higher plan if you believe you routinely need more data.

Free Plan

Q. Why would someone upgrade to a paid plan.

A. They need not, as long as their monthly data usage is within limits of their free plan. If they run out of data on free plans and do not want to wait till end of month, they can upgrade to a paid plan.

Help Desk

Q. Have to contact you if we have a technical support issue?

A. You can open a ticket from your client area -> Submit Ticket

Q. Do you offer phone support?

A. No. At this time we don’t but it may be added later.

Q. How do you send notifications?

A. Currently they are sent on email. Soon you will be able to receive them on whatsapp and mobile push notifications.

Q. Can we unsubscribe from notifications?

AYes. Each email has an unsubscribe link.

Q. Can we know which domains are Blacklisted?

A. No. We will not provide a list but if you are asking for a specific domain, you can try accessing it and if access is denied, it is in our blacklist.

Q. Can we request removal of a domain name from blacklist.

A. You can contact us and we will review and whitelist it at our own discretion.



Q. What VPN protocols you support

A. We prefer IPSec / IKEv2 which is available in all new devices. We also support OpenVPN.

Q. Do you have a downloadable client?

A. No. We use standardized protocols and all new operating systems support them natively. We do have some scripts though that help you configure the VPNs on different operating systems.


Q. What is meant by concurrent connections?

A. You can use the same username and password on multiple devices like your PC, Laptop, Mobile, tablet or others. Your package determines how many concurrent logins you can have. Free package is limited to one concurrent connection. Paid packages offer a minimum of 6 concurrent connections.


Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee

A. No. Because we encourage people to sign up for a free plan and only upgrade later when satisfied. Quality of service on our free plans is the same as for shared paid plans.

Q. Do you offer a Refund

A. No. This is a service which is consumed. No refunds are offered under normal circumstances. If you believe you have a unique situation, you can contact us for refund.

Q. What payment gateways do you support

A. As of now, we only support paypal. You can use paypal to pay us even if you do not have a paypal account.

Q. Can you charge in other currencies

A. No. We only charge in US Dollars.



Q. What data you store for our browsing sessions

A. We store the originating IP address and the protocol used to connect. Details are available in our Privacy Policy